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Funny sex (3)

: 22.01.2010 12:03:38 [delete]

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Sex is good, sex is fine, doggystyle or 69! Just for fun or getting paid, everyone loves getting laid so if you want me in your sack, lick your lips and text me back!

Body to body, skin to skin, open your legs and let me in!

This text can only be read by someone sexy. ERROR!

A guy walks up to a girl and says: Wanna play *Magic*? She says: What\'s that? He says: We go to my place, have sex and than you dissappear!

If they say good looks could kill, then please don\'t look at me! I don\'t wanna see you die

Sex is a sensation caused by temptation when a man puts his location in a woman’s destination. Do u get my explanation, or do u need a demonstration?!

There is Hot-sex, Fast-sex, Group-sex, Safe-sex, Leather-sex, Telephone-sex, and for people with your face …NO SEX !

Text messaging is like a blow-job off an amateur prostitute; short...sweet and always cheap!!!

Never dance naked because the body has parts that do not stop moving when the music stops.

A peach is a peach,a plum is a plum,A kiss ain\'t a kiss without some tongue.So open up your mouth and close your eyes and give your tongue some exercises!!

If you cry, I cry...if you laugh, I laugh...if you are happy, I am too...if you are sad, I am too...and if you are horny, call me.

Pornography tells lies about women, but the truth about men.

Roses are red ... Pickles are green ... I love your legs and whats in between.

Today its cool to have small cars and small computers.Soon it will be cool to have a small penis too.then you my friend will be THE MAN!!

I want triplets You want twins.Lets get in bed and see who wins!

A girl who opens her hands recieves gifts.who opens her heart recives love.who opens her legs recieves happines.

Sex is like pizza. When its good, its VERY GOOD. When its bad, its Still pretty good

If your right leg was thanksgiving and Your left leg was Christmas could I meet U between the holidays?

Of all the babes ur my selection please dont giv me a rejection.my teeth are clean for ur Inspection so giv my mouth a tongue injection!

Woman complaining to dentist: \"I\'d rather get pregnant than have a tooth filled!\" Dentist: Decide so I can adjust the chair accordingly..!

The \'F\' rule:- Find her..., Friend her..., Flirt her..., Finger her..., Fuck her..., Forget her.

Nipple Nipple dont be far, can I Press u in my car. Up above the chest so high, always milky never dry. Let me suck u don\'t feel shy, in the braziers u will die

Girl says: Mom, our neighbor\'s son have penis like peanut. Mom: Is it too small? Girl: No, its salty!!

75 yr old man got married to a 15 yr girl.on their first night both were crying. why???coz she didn \' t know anything, and he had forgotten everything

Why are women known as the best architects?Coz theyare the only one who can demolish an erection without damaging the structure...

Husband ask,\"Do u know meaning of WIFE - Without Information Fighting Everytime!!!\"Wife replies,\"It means - With Idiot For Ever!!!

Woman: Teach me how to play tennis. Coach:Sure,hold the racket the way u hold ur lovers organ.Woman: ok Coach:Madam pls,take the racket out of ur mouth..


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